Meeting Rooms and the Executive Floor

Highly confidential information is shared in Meeting Rooms and on the Executive Floor.

HackHunter’s power-over-ethernet (POE) device can be permanently installed to monitor constantly.

Any rogue access points or hacking behavior will be identified and reported immediately.

Mobile Staff

When high-value staff are outside your environment, how do you know the access points they use are safe? Unfortunately VPNs cannot cover all the gaps.

HackHunter’s portable device can be taken anywhere – working from home, travelling, at a conference or lunch meeting.

When an attack is detected HackHunter can alert staff with a visual alarm (red light), audible alarm (buzzer), SMS or email (in any combination).

HackHunter can also turn WiFi off, turn a VPN on, switch to cell network etc. when an attack is detected.

WiFi Hack Map

Knowing where WiFi attacks are occurring decreases risk as these areas can be avoided.

The WiFi Hack Map identifies danger spots to avoid globally when planning the location of a new office, booking a Hotel etc.

Cyber Security Awareness

Educate your staff about cyber risks for corporate data, both inside and outside the organization.

HackHunter is a tangible take-away which reminds staff to be mindful when using WiFi networks outside the office and gives them a tool to protect themselves from WiFi hacking.